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MONDO BALORDO aka A FOOL'S WORLD (1964) original 40" x 60" rolled


Original U.S. theatrical poster for one of the most notorious of the Italian shocumentaries of the early 60s -- a dwarf singer, bodybuilders, Japanese photo-models for rent and photo magazines, elephant hunting, an exorcism in India, compulsive smokers, the Marlene cult, and other goodies. Narrated by the great Boris Karloff.

These 40-x 60 sized posters were popular during the early 60s to early 70s and were made of cardboard, not paper, therefore no deep fold lines. However, over time the cardboard material is more prone to yellowing and faint creasing than paper. That said, they are way cooler than normal one-sheets and very rare. This image in particular.

condition of this poster is excellent.